Second Time Around Climbing to Fight Lung Disease

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COLUMBUS OH (02/07/2011)(readMedia)-- It's more than a walk. It's more than a run. It's a chance to go vertical with participants in the American Lung Association's FIRST Fight For Air Climb at Chase Tower in Downtown Columbus.

Tackle 24 flights to help fund research to find a cure for America's #3 killer, Lung Disease. Push your legs and lungs to their fullest potential up 453 steps and walk away with a newfound respect for your lungs and your community.

Matt Chapin, of Columbus, is fulfilling his mother's dying wish of donating to the American Lung Association's fight to end lung disease.

Chapin initiated his fight because he witnessed his mother, Karen Chapin of Mason, on oxygen for many years and it was painful for him to see someone he loved deal with lung disease. He states, "she was challenged everyday and with little things that we take for granted. The lung transplant made it possible for her to live again and without the ALA's help with research; it probably wouldn't have been possible."

"The day my mother made her brave decision to end her treatment; I was in the hospital with her making her funeral arrangements. She requested that she did not want people sending flowers, because she felt it was a waste of money, but instead if people felt they had to do something, then they could make a donation to the American Lung Association," this was the deciding factor for Chapin to take part in the event. It is more meaningful for him to participate in the Cincinnati climb because this is where his mother resided prior to her passing.

Chapin participated in his first climb in 2010, and is back for the second time around to continue the fight against lung disease. Chapin states, "This is the second year in the climb. At the end of last year's event, we all had a good time and decided to do it again... It was a lot of fun and it provides a challenge." For Chapin, it is not about how much money they can raise, but knowing they made a difference is what gives them satisfaction.

For those that think climbing flights of stairs are too much to tackle, Matt has some words of wisdom. "We are no super star athletes. If we can do it, anyone can." Team Karen Chapin has posted videos on YouTube of their climb experience and hesitant participants may view them by typing "philipgroh" in the search engine.

The day's festivities begin in the morning with the Ultimate Climb starting at 9:30 am. Ultimate Climbers are elite athletes, who will climb up and down 24 flights of stairs up to ten times in one hour. Participants of the Full Climb will climb competitively or at their own pace starting at 10:30 am.

Climbers receive individual medals when they reach the top, are treated to refreshments at the Celebration Reception, and awards are given to the top individual and fundraising team and fastest climbers. All festivities will be held at Chase Tower, 100 East Broad Street, Columbus, OH 43228.

Join the American Lung Association on Saturday, February 12, 2011 to compete for a record time, to climb for a loved one, or to complete a personal goal of conquering all 24 floors. Registration for the climb is $30. Participants are required to raise an additional $100 for lung disease efforts and can qualify for a variety of incentive prizes based on the amount of money they raise.

Anyone interested in more information, or in making a donation to support this event can call (614) 279-1700 or visit the website at Take inspiration from Matt Chapin, "the climb is challenging, yet rewarding. It's worth getting involved." Get involved today to help the American Lung Association stamp out lung disease.

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