Leap Systems, LLC Joins Women in Insurance and Financial Services as a National Affiliate

ALBANY, NY (01/05/2015)(readMedia)-- Women in Insurance & Financial Services (WIFS ) is pleased to announce Leap Systems, LLC. as a 2015 Affiliate.

By engaging in the Affiliate Program, Leap Systems, LLC. is demonstrating a commitment to WIFS and the advancement of women in the insurance and financial services industry.

"I am thrilled to welcome Leap Systems, LLC. and look forward to working together to change the face of the industry," says Susan Combs, 2015 WIFS National President. "Our Affiliate Program allows leaders in the industry to participate and support WIFS. The relationship broadens our ability to provide outstanding educational programming and serves as a conduit for meaningful connection."

"Leap Systems, LLC is very excited about the opportunity to partner with Women in Insurance and Financial Services as a National Affiliate. We are committed to empowering our financial community to make a real difference with individuals, families and businesses by helping them demystify and simplify financial life, optimize their present financial position in a changing world, and enjoy a lifetime of possibilities. Our commitment to women advisors and to the clients they serve is an active part of our corporate strategy and we look forward to working together and supporting the efforts of WIFS." Ande Frazier, President & Chief Marketing Officer, Leap Systems, LLC.

About WIFS

More than 75 years strong, Women in Insurance & Financial Services, headquartered in Albany, NY, is the only organization in the insurance and financial services industry exclusively devoted to supporting the careers of women and helping them succeed in this business. The WIFS mission is to attract, develop, and advance the careers of women in the financial services industry.

Over 1000 WIFS members throughout the country receive value from monthly education programs, local chapters in over 30 US markets, annual national conference, professional development, member discounts, and corporate partnerships.

For more information about WIFS and upcoming programs, visit www.wifsnational.org or contact Deborah Duffy, Executive Director at 866-264-WIFS (9437).

About Leap

Leap Systems, LLC is a leading provider of innovative financial systems for financial professionals throughout the United States and Canada.

Since its founding in 1980, Leap Systems, LLC. has been recognized by many of the world's top financial institutions as a leader and trusted resource for achieving superior results and delivering an end-to-end financial solution.

Leap's strategies, methodologies and technology continue to transform the way financial professionals interact and build relationships with their clients. The result is a holistic, scientific, interactive and visually engaging experience unlike any other financial process in the world.

At the heart of all of Leap Systems' products and services is the powerful and proprietary Leap Model® - the industry's only financial blueprint. Brought to life in its simulation-inspired, Wealth In Motion® system, the Leap Model® enables the financial professional to organize, analyze, strategize, coordinate, and verify client decisions all on a single screen. When clients engage this dynamic process they see their entire "financial life" before their eyes... and the results are astounding.

Leap Systems, LLC. stands resolute in its mission to help customers and those they serve reach their full financial potential.