ALBANY, NY (09/27/2018) (readMedia)-- Women in Insurance & Financial Services (WIFS) has announced the 2018 Circle of Excellence qualifiers. Qualifiers will be recognized for their high achievements on October 25 during the 2018 WIFS National Conference in Austin, Texas.

WIFS Circle of Excellence is a voluntary recognition program for members who achieve significant income levels in the insurance and financial services industry. This prestigious recognition is based on annual production for the previous year. This year, 160 members submitted qualification for this distinction with reported combined income of $48.5 million.

"I would like to extend my congratulations to all of our Circle of Excellence qualifiers on this prestigious accomplishment," said National President Angie Ribuffo. "Your engagement with this program shows the industry what women in the profession are capable of achieving."

Following is the list of 2018 Circle of Excellence qualifiers who opted to be recognized publicly:

Number of Qualifiers by Level:

Diamond | $1,000,000+

Linda Corujo-Ramsey, Karen DeRose, Frances Gardner, Ellie Mills

Emerald | $750,000 - $1,000,000

Susan Anthony, Colleen Bowler, Lisa Boyer, Betty Custer, Kathleen Godfrey, Raeann Kusch, Karen Poore, Nancy Wolfe-Smith

Sapphire | $500,000 - $750,000

Regina Beatty, Cindy Bohn, Susan Combs, Jeanmarie Deliso, Cynthia Diccianni, Charlotte Geletka, Michele Greene, Gail Hill, Jenny Kho, Helen Kho, Christina Nash, Crystal Nguyen, Judy Smith, Stacey Spedden-Irrgang, Cheryl Whitney

Ruby | $250,000 - $500,000

Carri Berger, Sarah Cicero, Eileen Cioe, Ellen Donahue, Susan Ellis, Karen Foley, Pamela Gilmour, Charlene Guisasola, Sheri Hoble, Kelly Hoff, Michelle Holliday, Susan Ianniello, Melissa Larson, Manda Lewis, Mackenzie Martin, Juli McNeely, Melissa Miller, Krista Neeley Gonzalez, Christy Neill, Kathie H. Okun, Brenda Oldham, Tanya Patzner, Jill Pietrusinski, Karen Roberts, Shirleyann Robertson, Lisa Ryerson, Melanie Shanty, Angelia Shay, Sheila Stith, Alice Tang, Marion Watkins, Renee Williams, April Wilson.

Pearl | $125,000 - $250,000

Christina Aleckson, Lilia Arandela, Jennifer Bacarella, Melissa Barnickel, Monica Brown, Wanda Caffrey, Liza Chollet, Ashley Churchill, Anne Clayton, Avigail Curry, Melanie Dahl, Harriet Doherty, Laurie Dubow, Caroline Emswiler, Theresa Engle, Belinda Fortman, Brittney Golden, Judy Gregory, Mindy Helfrich, Yanira Hoyos, Lisa Jones, Annette Kendall, Meredith Langus, Gail Linn, Judith Luddy, Jennifer Lyndsey,

Lana Mangold, Jill Minette, Ashley Morse, Yuka Nakahara-Goven, Andrea Nameche, Lori Niermann, Feng Yun Niu, Susan Ondack, Kathleen Owings, Vanessa Parker, Jeanne Peterson, Sallie Ann Pugh, Angie Ribuffo, Sonja Rogers, Sherri Rush, Taren Sartler, Judith Sherman, Toni Sova-Corfee, Leslea Stock-Lopez, Irene Surmonins-Thompson, Sheri Swackhamer, Holly Thomas, Sheryl Tully, Lisa Vallejo, Sarah Walker, LaSausha Walker, Megan Walsh Paull, Stacy Wasserman, Carol Wechsler, Ginger Weiss, Beverly White, Hawley Woods Gray.

Topaz | $75,000 - $125,000

Carol Brian, Cynthia Buno, Cheryl Canzanella, Sarah Caruso, Amanda Champlin, Margaret Crossland, Courtney Cuykendall, Marcy David, Laura Davis, Jennie Fowler, Debra Hedgcoth, Martha Kern, Katherine Kimball, Pamela Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth Kuhns, Marielena Scanlon, Christina Snyder, Grace Staten, Constance Urbanek, Jennifer Vaal, Liz Wilson, Jenny Po Wah Yu.

About WIFS

More than 80 years strong, Women in Insurance & Financial Services, headquartered in Albany, NY, is an association of financial services professionals working together to attract, develop and advance women. They champion career opportunities, provide professional development and represent women's interests to the profession. Membership is composed of industry leaders, client facing and allied professionals who benefit from National and local chapter services. Their vision is to be the global change leader inspiring women to achieve their dreams.

WIFS members receive value from monthly education programs, local chapters across the country, an annual national conference, professional development and corporate partnerships.

For more information about WIFS and upcoming programs, visit WIFSnational.org or contact Deborah Duffy, executive director, at 866-264-WIFS (9437).