Obama Election Sends a Strong Message

New Upper Hudson President/CEO Responds to Obama Reelection

ALBANY, NY (11/07/2012)(readMedia)-- President Obama's reelection is a historic victory for women's health, and it was driven by a huge gender gap," Chelly Hegan, President/CEO of Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood said today.

"This is a resounding victory for women," said Hegan. More women ran for office; more women voted, and more women will now hold office. Women's health was a decisive issue in this election, and women of all ages sent very strong message to those who have attacked Planned Parenthood, Title X family planning funding, breast health prevention services and affordable birth control: women are the heart and soul of our families, our neighborhoods, our state and our nation, and politicians who will not stand up for women's health, do so at their own peril."

The powerful and unmistakable message that voters sent to members of Congress and to state legislators all around the country is that the American people do not want politicians to meddle in our personal medical decisions, and that politicians can no longer demean, dismiss and ignore women and still expect to win elections," said Hegan.

In addition to the central role that access to Planned Parenthood's health care services played throughout the campaign, the state advocacy and political organization, Planned Parenthood Advocates of New York, launched an unprecedented effort to educate and mobilize the women's vote in key states.

"With this victory we can now focus on working with lawmakers at all levels, from all political parties, to ensure that millions more Americans can get the health care they need," said Hegan. "One in five American women will come to a Planned Parenthood health center for health services at some time in her life where they will receive kind, non-judgmental care no matter what," said Hegan. "As our confidence in our legislative advocates grows – knowing that they will work to protect women's health care and the issues that affect their access, the more we can concentrate on the work we are here for, providing care, educating young people on healthy relationships and sexual health and getting the message out that women's health matters.

As a trusted provider of essential health care to women, men and teenagers in every part of our community, Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood also stands ready to serve the thousands of people who will soon have access to health care under the Affordable Care Act. I have never been more proud to be a part of Planned Parenthood than I am this morning," said Hegan, "and I look forward to all that we will be able to do for the women of the capital district with such wonderful support in all corners of government."