PEF members overwhelmingly ratify contract

ALBANY, NY (07/28/2023) (readMedia)-- Public Employees Federation (PEF) members turned out in force to ratify the 2023-2026 PS&T Collective Bargaining Agreement, with more than 50 percent of PEF members voting. An overwhelming 95 percent of those members voted in favor of the negotiated agreement.

"Our contract team has worked tirelessly since last year to bring to the table the best possible agreement for our members," said PEF President Wayne Spence, who has now negotiated four statewide contracts during his eight years as president. "We gained annual salary increases; a first-of-its-kind $600 Higher Education Differential starting in 2024 that recognizes the degrees and licenses PEF professionals require to do their jobs; a $400 dental stipend while the state works to replace the outdated and inferior EmblemHealth dental plan; and so much more. We are pleased the governor recognized the value of our members and worked with us to achieve these gains."

The ratified contract, in effect through April 1, 2026, also includes a $3,000 signing bonus for eligible members, improvements to the longevity system, and 12 weeks of fully paid parental leave, granting parents time off to spend with new family members without charging accruals. The contract makes no changes to the employee share of healthcare premiums.

"As a labor union, we believe that unity builds power," said President Spence. "Our unity on this contract positions us for gains in the legislature, on the job, and in the community. Our members saw the value of this contract and they overwhelmingly stood behind it."

PEF is New York's second-largest employee union, representing 50,000 professional, scientific and technical state workers in more than 3,000 titles in every state agency, including nurses, social workers, doctors, engineers, counselors, parole officers, lawyers, IT specialists, teachers, habilitation specialists, therapists, and many more.