Schreibman Challenges Gibson on Medicare Flip Flop

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KINGSTON, NY (03/29/2012)(readMedia)-- Julian Schreibman, the Democrat challenging Congressman Chris Gibson in the 19th district, today commented, "I have been outspoken in criticizing Congressman Gibson's votes just a few months ago for a Republican budget that would end Medicare as we know it and cost seniors $6,400 more out-of-pocket. But having been moved into a congressional district in which his 2011 position was wildly unpopular, Congressman Gibson is now trying to fool New Yorkers by voting against the nearly identical 2012 budget, that he knew Republicans would pass today anyway. It's a classic political flip flop. Congressman Gibson is trying to cover up his record when his political career is on the line."

Schreibman continued, "The people of upstate New York deserve a principled representative who will stand with them not just when an election is approaching, but all the time. Congressman Gibson voted to end Medicare as we know it and give a huge tax break to millionaires, and no election-year conversion can change that."

The AARP said of the budget Congressman Gibson supported last year that it will "simply increase costs for beneficiaries while removing Medicare's promise of secure health coverage" and the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office found Medicare benefits "would likely shrink."

Julian Schreibman was raised in Kingston and graduated from Kingston High School. The first in his family to go to college, Julian graduated from Yale and Yale Law School, working throughout to help cover expenses. Julian served as a federal prosecutor in Manhattan, and as an Assistant General Counsel at the CIA, he received the Attorney General's Distinguished Service Award for assisting in the prosecution of four al Qaeda members for bombing U.S. embassies. He returned home and served as Senior Assistant District Attorney in Ulster County. He lives in Stone Ridge, NY, with his wife, Shannon, and their three young boys.


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