Statement of Wayne Spence, President of the NYS Public Employees Federation (PEF) on Gov. Cuomo's 2019 Address

ALBANY, NY (01/15/2019) (readMedia)-- "PEF applauds Gov. Andrew Cuomo for his vision and plans to support not only the unionized state workforce, but the greater labor movement. His remarks about opposing the anti-labor movement that arose from the U.S. Supreme Court decision in the Janus case and enacting pro-labor union protection is a sign that he recognizes and appreciates the value in collective bargaining. His message about keeping New York a state fortified by union workers, and creating more union jobs further demonstrates his respect for labor.

"The governor addressed a point that PEF has been fighting to achieve for many years: an over-sight of public contracts for state projects to ensure, as the governor said, 'to be built right, built fairly, built union'.

"PEF also commends the governor on his stand to welcome and protect immigrants. His decision to stop managers from asking workers about their immigration status at all state agencies is also a sign of respect.

"PEF looks forward to working with the governor to protect organized labor, strengthen the public workforce, and advocate for fairness for all people regardless of race, gender or religion. That is what PEF believes and that is why PEF is Union Strong."