Taylor School announces new Head of School

Kelly Magoolaghan, current Acting Head, named as Head of School

TROY, NY (02/17/2012)(readMedia)-- Kelly Magoolaghan, the current acting-head of the Susan Odell Taylor School, was recently named Head of School.

The designation came as a result of a ten-month period of strategic evaluation and planning in which the school became accredited by the New York State Association for Independent Schools. In turn, the school's board of directors developed a plan to move the school forward.

"The school is posed for its next phase of growth." said Stephen Ridler, Board President. "After a thorough evaluation and a retreat to determine the future direction of the school, it was determined that Kelly Magoolaghan was the best person for this important position. Kelly is a strong executive and leader with the drive and determination to make our goals for the Taylor School a reality."

"As Head of School I will continue to make the Taylor School an even stronger academic option for families in the Capital Region," said Magoolaghan. "Our focus will continue to be on providing a multi-dimensional, individualized, experiential curriculum that will enable our students to achieve the highest standards in 21st Century learning capacities. We will continue to work with the community, businesses, individuals and educational organizations to encourage investment and involvement in the education of our future generations."

Magoolaghan succeeds former Head of School Wendy A. Pattison, who helped found the school 12 years ago. Pattison resigned last spring to pursue a new leadership role in the Finance Department at the Emma Willard School, also in Troy.

The Taylor School was founded in 1998 after Emma Willard closed its Children's School and parents wanted an independent school focusing on the principles of using experiential, hands-on learning while instilling a love of learning in the students. At the time, there wasn't a school available to them that met their needs. In response, they founded the Susan Odell Taylor School. The name of the school is a tribute to Susan Odell Taylor, a former teacher at the Children's School who epitomized the joy in learning.

Magoolaghan joined the Taylor School as Academic Director in July of 2003. Magoolaghan began her teaching career in 1983. She taught elementary school and served as a curriculum specialist in schools in New York and Florida before joining the Taylor School.

Magoolaghan received her undergraduate degree from the State University of New York at Oswego and her Master's in Curriculum Development and Instructional Technology from the State University of New York at Albany.

Magoolaghan lives in Saratoga Springs, with her husband, Gerry. She has two grown sons.