Women in Insurance & Financial Services Announces 2015 Circle of Excellence Qualifiers

ALBANY, NY (11/03/2015)(readMedia)-- Members of Women in Insurance & Financial Services (WIFS) were recognized for their high achievements Friday, October 30th during the 2015 National Conference in Baltimore, Maryland.

The Circle of Excellence recognizes WIFS members who achieve significant income levels in the insurance and financial services industry. This prestigious recognition is based on annual production for the previous year. 158 members submitted qualification for this distinction with reported combined income of $47.5 million, an increase of more than 9% from last year. This $4 million difference is particularly impressive as the number of qualifiers increased by just one over 2014.

Number of Qualifiers by Level:

Diamond ($1,000,000+) | 4

Emerald ($750,000 - $1,000,000) | 5

Sapphire ($500,000 - $750,000) | 17

Ruby ($250,000 - $500,000) | 39

Pearl ($125,000 - $250,000) | 63

Topaz ($75,000 - $125,000) | 30

About WIFS

More than 75 years strong, Women in Insurance & Financial Services, headquartered in Albany, NY, is the only organization in the insurance and financial services industry exclusively devoted to supporting the careers of women and helping them succeed in this business. The WIFS mission is to attract, develop, and advance the careers of women in the financial services industry.

Over 1,100 WIFS members throughout the country receive value from monthly education programs, local chapters in over 20 US markets, annual national conference, professional development, member discounts, corporate partnerships and affiliations.

For more information about WIFS and upcoming programs, visit www.wifsnational.org or contact Deborah Duffy, Executive Director at 866-264-WIFS (9437).