Assembly Candidate Buran Calls for MTA Breakup

NEW YORK, NY (08/04/2008)(readMedia)-- Bill Buran, candidate for State Assembly District 72, is calling for a major shake-up of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and a fair shake for riders.

"Here we go again with the MTA asking riders to pay more this year and the next with no end in sight," says Buran, who has been endorsed by the Libertarian, Independence, Conservative and Republican parties.

Joining fellow Republican candidates at a press conference at the site of the future Fulton Street transit hub last Thursday, Buran demanded that the leadership of the MTA be held accountable for its fiscal mismanagement and lack of budgetary vision. He emphasized that the MTA's managerial incompetence affected the employment, income and futures of those who rely on the MTA most: the working men and women of New York.

The MTA has survived on a booming housing market and acquiring more debt to cover current expenditures, Buran charges, while saving nothing for the future.

"How dare the MTA consider a fare hike when they haven't delivered on the promises from the last increase?" Buran asks.

"The mishandling of the transit budget has made one thing abundantly clear: The current organization is not qualified, and the only solution is a shake-up of the MTA at the highest level," proclaims Buran.

Buran proposes a breakup of the MTA and a return of NYC Transit as a city agency, with the commissioner reporting to the mayor.

"The issues facing New Yorkers today cross party lines," says Buran. "It is time for new leadership in Albany, and in November the people will win for a change."

Press inquires: Jim Lesczynski, Media Coordinator,, 646-387-7591