Libertarians Invite Maloney to Main Street Bailout Discussion

NEW YORK, NY (10/07/2008)(readMedia)-- Responding to Rep. Carolyn Maloney's regret that "a full discussion of what [the bailout] means for Main Street" never took place, congressional candidate Isaiah Matos and other Libertarian leaders invited Maloney to join them in a series of public forums on the Troubled Asset Relief Program.

In a recent statement on her website, Maloney wrote, "It is unfortunate that the debate about this rescue package has been solely characterized as a bailout for Wall Street without a full discussion of what this means for Main Street."

Matos, along with Manhattan Libertarian Party Chair Ron Moore and Assembly candidate Bill Buran, sent Maloney a letter today applauding her statement and inviting her to join them in an effort to achieve the full discussion that went missing prior to Congress passing the legislation.

"We propose a minimum of two town hall style events prior to Election Day, including speakers supporting the bailout and speakers opposing the bailout," the Libertarians wrote in their invitation to Maloney.

"We believe that ‘full discussion of what this means to Main Street' was not achieved at least in part because Main Street had little or no participation in the decision. For this reason, we believe it's imperative to include the widest possible range of opinions consistent with an orderly discussion. Therefore, speakers should include representatives of businesses from Main Street and Wall Street, homeowners and taxpayers, incumbent elected officials and candidates, including any party that has achieved 2008 ballot access."

Matos is running on the Libertarian line this November for Maloney's seat in the 14th Congressional District. Buran has been endorsed by the Libertarian Party in his campaign for the 72nd Assembly District.

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