Dobrian: 'My Hat's in the Ring for Mayor of New York City'

Libertarian Nominee Stands for Property Rights, Individual Liberty

NEW YORK, NY (08/25/2009)(readMedia)-- Joseph Dobrian, a Manhattan-based businessman, has filed nominating papers as the Libertarian Party's candidate for Mayor of New York City in the 2009 general election. Mr. Dobrian, 52, is principal of Dobrian, Frances, Bowie, & Long, a consulting firm that specializes in editorial services. His Mayoral campaign will focus on individual liberty, property rights, taxation, and education.

"The Libertarian Party is based on the principle that you own yourself and have the right to govern yourself, so long as you don't initiate force or fraud against others," Mr. Dobrian explains. "We support your right to decide what's best for you, but we grant nobody the right to decide what's best for us."

"Our current city government treats the individual as a serf, whom the government owns-lock, stock, and barrel," Mr. Dobrian continues. "The government is in the business of looting and oppressing its citizenry, and too often it passes laws and regulations out of spite, or out of a desire to dominate and control, rather than out of necessity. As Mayor, my mission will be not to do, but to undo."

Mr. Dobrian promises that under his administration (1) not one dime will be spent, nor one finger lifted, to enforce laws that seek to regulate private behavior, unless that behavior involves the initiation of force or fraud; (2) there will be no seizure of private property under eminent domain; (3) malicious taxes-taxes whose main purpose is punitive will be repealed or not collected; and (4) the public school system will be radically overhauled, and it will stop using graduation rates, drop-out rates, and Regents scores as the main performance metrics.

"If this race is to be decided on the basis of who puts the most money into his campaign, I'm not going to be elected," Mr. Dobrian admits. "But I have a good chance to win if I can make the voters aware of my positions on the issues, as well as my good looks and purity of spirit."

Other Libertarian candidates in New York City include Jim Lesczynski for Public Advocate, John Clifton for Comptroller, David Casavis for Manhattan Borough President, Michael Sanchez for Brooklyn Borough President, and City Council candidates Derek Sacerdote, Roger Sarrabo, Noel Burke, Dan Halloran, and Fima Shlimel. Mr. Dobrian is available for interviews and TV/radio appearances. He can be contacted at 212-779-1873 or