Child Care Advocates Warn of Inadequate Plan

ALBANY, NY (02/05/2018) (readMedia)-- WHAT: A PRESS CONFERENCE to call for the Governor and NYS Legislators to invest

$100 million in child care this year. Child care is inextricably tied to the success and

growth of our state and must be a budget priority. With such wide health, education and economic impacts it must be proportionately and appropriately funded alongside our state's economic development initiatives, it enables working families to attain economic independence and greater stability.

WHEN: Tuesday, February 6, 2018

12:30 p.m. – 1 p.m.

WHERE: Million Dollar Staircase, 3rd floor landing

Capitol Building (West Side)

Albany, NY 12224

WHO: CSEA as a member of the Empire State Campaign for Child Care (ESCCC),

Winning Beginning New York joined by state legislators and by representatives from the Alliance for Quality Education and the New York Union Child Care Coalition, as well as other labor, faith and education advocacy groups

WHY: Economic Development success and growing jobs requires investment in child care.

It is a key component. Without a significant increase in funding our leaders may be forced to decide whether to decrease the number of children and families receiving assistance to go to work or to reduce rates paid to center and home-based providers who are already budgeting down to the penny. Both are terrible options. If investment is not increased, more poverty, closed small businesses, job loss will result from underinvestment.


CSEA/VOICE Local 100A, brings together more than 6,000 home-based licensed child care providers in 57counties across New York (outside NYC). By supporting quality, affordable early learning and care in New York and greater investment in our children, our work and our communities, we work to keep parents earning and children learning. For more information visit