Comptroller DiNapoli Endorsed by CSEA

Donohue: "He will lead us forward to meet the needs of today and tomorrow"

ALBANY, NY (07/29/2010)(readMedia)-- CSEA – New York's leading union – has formally announced its endorsement of New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli. CSEA President Danny Donohue said the decision is based on DiNapoli's demonstrated honesty and competence as Comptroller since 2007 coupled with his unblemished record as a public leader.

"Tom DiNapoli is an outstanding and capable leader who has demonstrated character and ability throughout his career in both the private and public sectors," Donohue said. " No one should doubt his unflinching integrity and commitment to doing what's right for all New Yorkers – we can't afford to have anything less in these times."

"I know and work with the members of CSEA each and every day and it is a distinct honor to receive this endorsement," said Comptroller DiNapoli. "I share many of the values for which this organization stands: honesty, accountability and fiscal responsibility. Together with Danny Donohue, and all of CSEA's membership, I will work to ensure that our state and local governments make every dollar that we spend count and that our pension fund remains one of the strongest in the nation."

Beyond the New York State Comptroller's responsibilities as fiscal watchdog over the state's finances and the management practices of state agencies, the position has particular importance to CSEA members. As the sole trustee of the state pension system, the state comptroller's judgment and decisions have enormous implications over the retirement security of more than 300,000 retired and active CSEA members.

"CSEA was instrumental in helping to establish the state retirement system in 1920 and since that time, the state comptroller's stewardship has always matterd to us" Donohue said. "As we prepare to begin our second century we have total confidence that Tom DiNapoli will maintain the traditions of New York's best comptrollers, while leading the system forward to meet the needs of today and tomorrow."

Donohue pointed out that another important factor in CSEA's decision to back DiNapoli is the unwavering support for him from CSEA members who work in the Comptroller's office. "It speaks volumes about Tom as an individual and a manager that the people who know him best are urging this endorsement," Donohue said.