Contract Negotiations Between CSEA Town of East Hampton Unit and Town Administration Reaches Impasse

EAST HAMPTON, NY (09/17/2020) (readMedia)-- For six months, CSEA members in the Town of East Hampton have put the health of themselves and their families at risk to ensure the level of services the people of the Town of East Hampton received before the COVID-19 pandemic remains uninterrupted while the virus continues to have a firm hold on the community.

CSEA members have watched as administrators around Long Island have shown their appreciation and respect for their workforce's dedication during the pandemic. Sadly, the Town of East Hampton administration doesn't appear interested in honoring the extraordinary commitment of town workers.

"Over the last two years that CSEA has been without a contract, the Town of East Hampton administration has publicly stated that the CSEA workforce is essential. Unfortunately, while negotiating our CSEA contract, we have not seen those words turn into action," said CSEA Town of East Hampton Unit President Miles Maier. "CSEA has done everything in its power to compromise with the town board, to no avail."

For the people of the Town of East Hampton to continue to receive the critical services the town needs to function, CSEA members must also receive the support that they need from town administration.

Our members want to continue to give their all to their respective positions, which is becoming increasingly difficult to do when being weighed down with the burden of Long Island's ever-increasing cost of living versus their own stagnant wages.

CSEA members were there for the Town of East Hampton when citizens needed them the most. Now, we ask that the town administration honor the town workforce's commitment with a fair contract.