Empire Page Roundtable Examines Progressive Governance Debate

NYC Deputy Mayor Touches Off Furor

ALBANY, NY (03/23/2011)(readMedia)-- Writing in the March 18 Wall Street Journal NYC Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith argued that the system of work rules introduced early in the 20th century are currently strangling cities and states, costing taxpayers millions and interfering with the delivery of needed services. To evaluate Goldsmith's thesis, the Empire Page invited two dozen experts and observers to respond in an online roundtable discussion.

The initial responses are now live in the Improving New York section of the website.

Frank Mauro of the Fiscal Policy Institute challenges Goldsmith's thesis that old style corruption is no longer a problem, citing the recent CityTime scandal.

Paul Bray, a regular Empire Page columnist and an attorney who has worked for the state, also disagrees with Goldsmith, stating that Goldsmith longs for oligarchy and is serving those who would kill public employee unions.

NYS Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb on the other hand supports Goldsmith, arguing that a "leaner, smarter, less costly state government [is] within our grasp." He cites his own experience as a private sector employer and the theories of Peter Drucker to support his position.

Doug Boettner, a 25 plus year state employee and an Empire Page columnist, also supports Goldsmith. Boettner states, "the people responsible for making government run efficiently and effectively need more flexibility in the hiring, firing and compensation of its workforce."

Additional submissions may be added in the coming weeks.

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