Middle Class Property Tax Relief Spokesperson Interviewed by Empire Page

ALBANY, NY (02/23/2011)(readMedia)-- "If my house is burning, please put out the fire. Then let's talk about consolidation of fire departments," states Carole Kraus, co-founder of the NYS Property Tax Reform Coalition, explaining why her group favors the so-called circuit breaker solution to New York State's runaway property taxes in an exclusive interview published today on the Empire Page website.

The alternative solution – a 2% property tax "doesn't accomplish our goal of relief and reform," states Kraus. "The tax levy cap doesn't lessen the burden of property taxes on homeowners."

She admits however that "the circuit breaker isn't that enriching. . . . [t]he taxpayer is refunded only a portion of their tax payment."

Citing examples of hardships caused by rising property taxes in an era where home values are falling, Kraus sees the circuit breaker as "emergency relief to people losing their homes."

The entire interview with links to the association's website can be found in the Improving New York section of the Empire Page website.

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