Indian Point Nuclear Plant Not Comparable to Fukushima

Industry Spokesman States in Empire Page Interview

ALBANY, NY (04/17/2011)(readMedia)-- John Durso, Jr., executive director of the New York Affordable Reliable Electricity Alliance (AREA-Alliance) argues that New Yorkers need not fear that what happened in Japan could happen at the Indian Point nuclear facility in Westchester County in an interview published Sunday April 17 on the Empire Page website.

"Fukushima is located on the coast; Indian Point is on bedrock more than 30 feet above the Hudson River," Durso stated. "Fukushima's backup generation was not prepared to withstand flooding. Indian Point is located more than 15 feet above the maximum flood stage of the Hudson River, and protected against weather-related catastrophes."

Durso also challenged assertions made recently by NYS Attorney General Schneiderman that Indian Point's re-licensing, which is scheduled to begin in 2013, should be delayed and that the facility is not up to par in terms of fire detection and suppression.

"Indian Point is already the most scrutinized nuclear facility in the nation," Durso stated. In 2008 he notes "a panel of highly renowned, independent experts also evaluated 64 safety issues at Indian Point, and reaffirmed that the plant is safe."

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