Gillibrand Opponent Explains Why He's Running in Exclusive Empire Page Interview

ALBANY, NY (12/20/2009)(readMedia)-- Labor activist Jonathan Tasini described incumbent U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand as "the weakest candidate for our party" in explaining why he's seeking the Democratic nomination in 2010 for the seat that Gillibrand was appointed to in an interview published today on the Empire Page.

When asked why he's running against Gillibrand, Tasini said "voters will simply not trust the appointed Senator, who has been an avowed advocate of the National Rifle Association, someone who has been anti-immigrant, an aggressive defender of Big Tobacco and, now, wants voters to believe she holds a whole set of new principles and values."

Tasini described Gillibrand as representative of a "dysfunctional system" one "which encourages the election of people who have no core principles and who will simply adopt any positions as long as those positions translate into more individual power."

Tasini, who predicts he'll have no trouble getting enough signatures to challenge Gillibrand, will also seek the Working Families Party nomination.

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