Independence Party of America Officially Formed

Frank MacKay Elected National Chair

WHITE PLAINS, NY (09/23/2007)(readMedia)-- What could ultimately be a challenge to the two party system in the United States, members of the nation's largest third party organization, the Independence Party of New York, along with delegates from all fifty states, gathered today in White Plains, New York to officially launch the Independence Party of America.

The Party's mission according to newly elected National Chairman, Frank MacKay of Rocky Point, New York, is "to give the voters a third option for the 2008 presidential run.” Beginning in October, MacKay plans a national tour to meet with Party organizers and activists in the fifty states. “The polarization of Washington politics has turned off the average voter. This voter is looking for an alternative and that alternative is an independent presidential candidacy.” stated MacKay.

The Independence Party of America officially launched its website today. The website address is Donations for this new national party are accepted online. MacKay's profile may also be viewed on

MacKay stated: "Independents are technically savvy, and the Independence Party of America will have a cutting edge website. The Party’s Internet presence will help organize volunteers and provide regular updates to the media."

For any information or to schedule an interview with Frank MacKay, contact Nicoletta Francesca at 866-522-8239 or email for an immediate reply.