KU Astronomy Senior Co-Authors Peer-Reviewed Paper

Kutztown University astronomy senior Tyler Fenske of Wayne, N.J., co-authored his first peer-reviewed paper in The Astronomical Journal, titled "TESS Delivers Five New Hot Giant Planets Orbiting Bright Stars from the full-frame Images." He worked with professor Phillip Reed. Fenske contributed telescope observations using the C. R. Chambliss Astronomical Observatory on KU's campus. His analyses confirmed the sizes of two new exoplanets, TOI-1601 b and TOI-1333 b, both of which orbit sub-giant stars that are each about two times the size of our sun. The work was done while participating in the laboratory component of KU's course on Exoplanets (AST 242) in Fall 2020. Fenske will graduate this May. Read the paper here.

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