Schreibman to Gibson: What's Wrong with NY-19?

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Julian Schreibman, candidate for Congress

KINGSTON, NY (03/15/2012)(readMedia)-- Former prosecutor Julian Schreibman, the Democrat challenging Congressman Chris Gibson, today highlighted efforts by Gibson's allies in the NY State Senate to alter the new Hudson Valley/Catskill Mountains congressional district to improve Gibson's chances of re-election. Gibson's Republican allies complained that the non-partisan proposal did not do enough to protect incumbents like Gibson, going so far as to state that "incumbency protection is a traditional redistricting principle" in New York.

Jonathan Levy, Schreibman's campaign manager, stated: "Part of what's wrong with Congress is that too many of the people we send to Washington care more about doing what's best for themselves and their re-election than what's important to us. Given Congressman Gibson's record in Washington – especially his vote to end Medicare as we know it – we all understand why he's concerned about his re-election prospects. But the solution isn't to skew the playing field to his advantage: this is a fair map. The families of this region deserve a representative who will put their needs first, not someone who turns to Albany politicians when things don't go his way"

Schreibman stated: "The new 19th Congressional District has more Republicans than Democrats, but I'm not complaining. It will be my honor to represent everyone, from Hoosick Falls in the North to Monticello in the South, from Pawling in the East to Cooperstown in the West, regardless of political affiliation.

"I hope Congressman Gibson will join me in disavowing any last-minute attempt to change the district lines. If he won't do that, it's a fair question to ask: who is it in our region that Congressman Gibson doesn't want to represent? Who would he leave out of our district?"

The court filing by Gibson's allies, seeking to inject partisan considerations into the court's redistricting plan, can be found here:


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