Statement of CSEA President Danny Donohue on U.S. Supreme Court split decision on Friedrichs case

ALBANY, NY (03/29/2016)(readMedia)-- This is only a short-term victory for decency through a divided court. It should be alarming the plaintiffs plan to file a motion for rehearing, which is permitted within the next 25 days.

For the past generation, there has been a real, sustained and escalating attack on the rights of working people to earn a decent living and have a voice in their working conditions. The Friedrichs case is symptomatic of this trend toward a lack of economic fairness and imbalance that is like a cancer on our society. Friedrichs sought to overturn a long-standing law of the land for the self-interest of some individuals, but only at the expense of the greater community good.

The mere fact that this case made it through the court system as far as it did is a warning to all of the strength of the negative forces in our society today that would for selfish reasons, disregard the well-being of our neighbors and communities.

That should be another warning that CSEA members must work even harder to strengthen the connection between working people, work site by work site.