Senate Candidate Jay Townsend Explains Why He's Running in Empire Page Interview

ALBANY, NY (07/08/2010)(readMedia)-- "I am disgusted with the course of our nation and the direction of New York State," says Jay Townsend, GOP candidate for the US Senate seat currently held by Charles Schumer in an exclusive interview published today by the Empire Page.

Townsend attacks Schumer for supporting the Obama Stimulus and Healthcare Reform legislation.

"Senator Schumer supported a pork laden $800 billion dollar stimulus bill that has proven a colossal waste," Townsend states. He would repeal the healthcare reform act and replace it with a health insurance reform bill. "We can increase access to affordable health insurance without creating a new entitlement that will force this nation to borrow trillions, increase taxes on job creators and cause the cost of health insurance premiums to skyrocket," states Townsend.

Townsend will face Gary Berntsen, a career CIA agent, in September in a primary contest for the NYS Republican nomination. He has received the Conservative Party endorsement and will be on the ballot in November.

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